About Us

Bringing a radical shift in the AI enabled market research field, EmoConn makes the use of macro, as well as micro facial expression analysis to equip brands, advertising agencies and video content creators to optimise the reach and impact of their contents and campaigns.

With Gaze Prediction algorithms, we provide a thorough engagement and emotional analysis to our clients, assisting them in building a better connection with their audience. Keeping privacy concerns in mind, the subscribers volunteering for the analysis are promised complete anonymity. Furthermore, no image data is stored as the study is done in real time.

Our journey started with the ‘Think Make Start’ which is an interdisciplinary hackathon organized by UnterhemerTUM, where we were honoured to be awarded the ‘Start’ Prize ’ for the best startup potential by Google. Since then, we have showcased our startup at the ‘Franco-German’ joint stand of ‘ViVa Technologies’ in Paris, one of the biggest technological showcases in Europe.
We, as a fully committed team of people from Informatics, Management, and Technology, strive towards our mission to fix the existing flaws in the Feedback Analytics sector of the content creation industry.

The Team

Chaitanya Aggarwal

Ishmeet Kaur

Muneer Ahmad Dedmari

Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CTO

Co-Founder and CAIO​

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