Process Walkthrough

1. Restricted Content Upload and Sample Selection

  • Prior to release the influencer uploads his video content in restrictive settings.
  • After initial screening and approval by client, a sub-sample of existing subscribers is selected to estimate content impact. 
  • Subscribers in return receive access to exclusive content before release.

2. Gathering Feedback

  • When the subscriber clicks on the link, they are given a prompt to opt-in that they are willing to share their camera images for the duration of them watching the video. However, no image data ever is stored. 
  • The anonymized real-time reactions are mapped to the corresponding moment in the video. 

3. Engagement Insights and Emotional Analysis

  • Emotional analysis with AI, detailing how people feel about the presented content and thereby predicting how the content will be received by the broader public.
  • Possibility to filter the results based on the demographics of viewers.
  • Detailed engagement insights through micro head movement analysis.

4. Use Feedback to Optimize Content

  • Optimize on “Power Moments” with high engagement and positive emotions.
  • If emotions don’t align as intended, content can still be edited to maintain brand image and prevent ineffective campaigns.
  • After optional changes the advertiser gives his final OK and the content will be released to the public.
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